The 4 Steps To Follow When Organizing A Meaningful March

19 December 2018
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Do you want to use your voice to help other people? If you would like to stand up for people who you believe are treated unfairly or do not have the same rights as others, you can always organize a march where hundreds of people stand together to support the cause. If you do want to make a difference, you can start the process of organizing a march right now. Read More 

Are You Hosting A Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Party?

28 July 2018
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Are you planning a fiftieth wedding anniversary party for your parents? Perhaps the party is in honor of close friends, or even for your grandparents. Or, you could be throwing a party yourselves, just to celebrate your life together. No matter the circumstances that you are hosting a fiftieth wedding anniversary party, from arranging for event tent rentals to planning the decorations, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something that you and your guests will enjoy and remember. Read More 

Create A Makeshift Circus For Your Child’s Birthday Celebration

17 June 2018
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A makeshift circus that includes a clown, costumed animals, snacks, and soft drinks will surely put a smile on your child's face during their birthday celebration. A rental tent and some creativity are all you need to plan an event that will be memorable for your youngster and their friends.  Rent A Tent, Tables, And Chairs Think about how many activities you would like to include in the circus. If you want it to be a true rendition of a real circus, consider setting up several rings so that multiple acts can be performed at once. Read More 

Have A Large Wedding Venue? Tame It With These 6 Cozy Decorating Tricks

3 May 2018
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For a more romantic wedding reception feeling, create intimacy in any venue space. Here are 6 creative ways to do so. Install Greenery. Use large greenery items like trees to move the 'walls' inward toward guests. Large container pots with bushes, large plants, or dwarf trees can form aisles to break up the space into manageable chunks or create zones for guests to move about. Pull Items Inward. Don't feel obligated to use the entire area of a large venue. Read More 

Games To Play During An Inflatable Obstacle Course Event

13 April 2018
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An inflatable obstacle course that includes a maze, slide, and hurdles will be a hit at your child's next birthday party. Make each venture through the obstacle course more exciting by incorporating the following ideas during the party.  Provide A Time Limit And Use A Stopwatch Designate an amount of time for your child and their guests to successfully make their way through the obstacle course. Tell everyone that if they succeed at this task that they will be eligible to be entered into a prize drawing. Read More