3 Tips For Using Scents At Your Wedding Reception

7 February 2020
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To ensure your wedding reception remains fresh in your guests' minds for years, it's essential to invoke multiple senses, including the sense of scent. Scentscaping refers to the process of creating a personalized scent for your event.

People commonly associate scents with specific memories. The aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon might conjure happy fall memories, while the scent of homegrown tomatoes and freshly baked cookies takes you back to summers with your grandma. Here are a few tips for effectively using scent at your wedding reception.

1. Understand Your Reception Center's Event Rules

There is an assortment of ways to use scent at your wedding reception. However, before you get your heart set on a specific scentscaping plan, you need to inquire with your reception center about their rules.

For example, many reception centers have strict restrictions regarding the use of an open flame. Some venues forbid open flames entirely, while others limit where they can be used. 

Perhaps you want to use electric oil diffusers to spread the aroma of essential oils at your reception. Check that diffusers are allowed and that you'll have access to an ample number of electrical outlets.

2. Avoid Having Too Many Scents

Once you understand your reception site's guidelines, you can start selecting the scents for your wedding reception. Remember, when it comes to scent, less is more. You don't want to overwhelm your guests with multiple fragrances. Instead, you want any fragrances you use to complement one another and feel as if they go together (rather than fighting for your nose's attention).

If you know you want to use numerous scents, one option is to layer the scents throughout the night. If you want to use rose, vanilla, and patchouli, you might have floral arrangements that greet your guests with the scent of roses. Then, integrate patchouli with the addition of table centerpieces that contain patchouli-scented potpourri. Add the vanilla later with scented candles or an oil diffuser.

3. Think About the Logistics of Your Scent

Most options for adding scent to a room require some type of logistical planning to guarantee a strong, lasting aroma. If you plan on using candles, you'll need to assign the duty of lighting and relighting the candles to a specific person. 

Prefer to use potpourri? Plan on having someone add fresh pieces throughout the night to ensure that the scent doesn't fade by the end of your reception. If you want to use your bridal party's bouquets for scentscaping, set up a few bouquet holders evenly around the reception site.