Just Met Your New Work Partner? Suggest Going To An Escape Room Together

24 August 2017
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Working with other people is something that you should expect to do in most jobs. But, sometimes your job will introduce you to a partner who you will work with on most projects. While you will get to know each other just by working together, you can speed up the process and make it more enjoyable. For instance, you can do something recreational together such as going to an escape room.

Figure Out How They Think

The great thing about escape rooms is that it will provide you with numerous challenges. The path to solving each puzzle is usually not one-dimensional, which means you will have an opportunity to see how your partner thinks when they are presented with a problem. Once you gather this information, you can determine whether it will be better to try thinking in the same way or the opposite way. Having two different views to look at a situation is ideal and an escape room can help you figure out these details.

Work on Communication

An effective partnership requires excellent communication. It is not always easy to communicate when you first start working together because you may not feel that comfortable with each other. An escape room is a great place to break the ice and start working on communication. It still has a deadline, which is similar to what you will experience in the workplace, but it will not have the same consequences. So, you can afford to make mistakes or take it slow with communication and still have a positive experience.

Build Confidence as a Team

When you produce great results as a team while you are working on a job-related project, you will naturally increase your confidence level. But, in the beginning, you may be working for several weeks or months on a few projects before you find out the results. It is nice to use an escape room to build confidence when solving puzzles together. You can even go more than once until you are fully comfortable with your partner in terms of communication. After getting through one escape room, you can progress to a more challenging one to continue improving on your ability to work together successfully.

Although it may be tough to suggest to your new work partner that you should go to an escape room together, you should not pass up this opportunity to learn about them and work together off the job.