Did Your Daughter Get Engaged? Use These Tips To Help Her Plan Her Wedding

29 August 2017
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There is just something special about having a daughter and helping yours plan her wedding is like a dream come true. While you naturally don't want to step on any toes, you are also eager to get started with all of the fun stuff like picking out flowers and sampling wedding cakes. As your daughter gets excited about her upcoming nuptials, use these tips to help her get everything planned for the big day:

Help Her Get Organized

Wedding planning takes some serious work, and your daughter is going to need help keeping up with things such as vendor quotes and fabric samples. Grab a binder along with some pocket dividers and paper. Then, put together a wedding planner organizer that you can take with you as you visit various retailers. Being able to jot down notes regarding what you liked about different floral arrangements or all of the bridesmaid's sizes will help when it is time to make the final decisions.

Tour Venues Together

It is easy for your daughter to get caught up in the excitement and forget to really analyze how a specific venue might work for her wedding. For instance, she might love the idea of an outdoor wedding, yet fail to notice that a venue doesn't have enough space in its garden to fit her entire guest list. Ask to go along with your daughter and her groom-to-be when they visit wedding venues so that you can help them make the right choice.

Keep Track of the Timeline

Time goes fast when you are planning a wedding, and certain things must be done well ahead of the big day. For instance, wedding ceremonies need someone to officiate, and they need advanced notice to prepare the vows. Create a timeline of tasks that must be done each month, and make sure that you both have copies. This way, you can see at a glance exactly what still needs to be done as the special day draws near.

One of the best parts about a wedding is being able to see your daughter's family and friends all gathered in one place, and carefully planning things such as the venue sets the stage for a perfect day. By knowing how to help your daughter while still allowing her to make the big decisions, you can enjoy the extra bonding time while planning an event that she will always remember.

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