How Do You Plan Audio Visual Elements For Your Event?

29 August 2017
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Planning out an event involves a lot of moving parts. Something that must be absolutely planned for is your audio visual needs; without these taken care of, the event could be a flop. So how do you make sure that all of your equipment will work?

Choose the Right Events Center

Many events centers will already have a lot of the cabling and infrastructure you need to hook up a wide variety of equipment, including tvs, speaker systems, and projectors. But the problem is letting them know what you might need. Speak with an audio visual representative to see how you can most efficiently meet your audio visual needs for the event. 

Ask Questions About Technical Options

Your event center might have some equipment that you've never used before. A specialist can tell you whether the equipment is easy to use and what benefits it poses over your run-of-the-mill audio visual equipment. If you can't find what you need at the event venue, you can always rent sound equipment or other electronics for the day of your event. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to consolidate your technical needs into just a few pieces of equipment, since the more equipment you have, the better chances there are that something will go wrong. Aside from checking out equipment options, also ask your audio visual technician to check on how the electrical needs of the equipment line up with the event venue's setup. 

Test Out Equipment

It would be embarrassing to assume you can open a powerpoint when you can't, or to bring along an mp3 player and not be able to charge it. So, run through the evening and test out all of the equipment you might need before the big day. Give your audio visual specialist plenty of time to fix issues so that nothing goes wrong with your event. 

Get There Early

Make sure that everything is set up correctly on the day of your event. If you already did a run through of your electrical equipment, do it again. 

Have Technical Staff At Your Event

Technical issues at an event can be awkward and costly. Make sure you choose an expert audio visual installation team to support you, should you have any technical questions that need to be answered during the event. Things can go wrong, but you can always have backup ready to go when something isn't working as expected. 

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