Planning A Party Perfectly: How To Ace The Rentals For Your Big Event

5 September 2017
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A party that's planned perfectly can easily be the event of the season, whereas leaving too much to chance could spell disaster. When your party planning involves rentals, you have even more to take care of; however, the following information will help you to take care of every last detail, with perfect precision.

1. Put Your Party Plans On Paper, First

As you start to think about the party you're going to perfectly plan, make a list of all the needed items. Draw a rough sketch of the layout, including where you'd like the main pieces of furniture to go, along with all the other party elements. Rather than phone a rental company and simply order a set number of chairs and accompanying tables, plan it out thoroughly first, then call the party rental place once you have a clear picture of the party you want to go down. Jot as you go, taking all things into consideration that you can think of:

  • Measure the space available for the party rental items; if it's in your own backyard, grab a friend and determine the measurements the way a landscaper would.
  • Consider room to walk between guests and the items, etc.
  • Centralize your seating plans around food, entertainment, or whatever else the party will be focused on.
  • Decide on a theme, color or specific decor as you plan the party and before ordering any rentals.

2. Pay A Visit To The Rental Retailer

You're better off taking the time to visit a party rental company in person, rather than simply ordering online or from a catalogue. This will give you a much clearer idea of what you'll be getting, as well as provide you the opportunity to ask questions, such as specific delivery times and locations, whether or not the company will set up the equipment for you and whether or not you'll be responsible for cleaning it before it goes back. Since you could be charged for a number of miscellaneous details, make sure the retailer is very specific about your bill and that there are no misunderstandings before you sign on the dotted line. Also, ask when and how often you should confirm your the reservation and delivery.

3. Include A Tent In Your Rentals, If The Party Is Outside

Even if you live in a fair weather location or have reason to believe the day of your party will be sunny and pleasant, include a tent or two in your plans. Food, for example, shouldn't be exposed to even a light drizzle and unless your guests are children love to jump in puddles, they'll probably appreciate a dry place to take cover at the party.

4. Ask About Electrical Outlets, Generators And Other Essential Elements When You Rent

Lighting, food-warmers, bouncy houses and sound systems for music and emcees all require a source of electricity and it's important to know how your party will be powered. If the rental company provides all of that with your setup, great; but if not, you need to know where the electrical necessities will come from and who is going to put it together and take it apart.

5. Choose Tables And Chairs That Fit The Festivities

Depending on the occasion and your budget, you might have a good selection of tables and chairs to choose from and with many party rental companies, you can go as upscale as you want. Harvest tables are a great choice if you're entertaining a lot of people and want to group many of them together, but smaller tables could work if you're seating a number of children who may not always get alone when left unattended. Unless the occasion is formal, in which case your seating will likely be elegant, opt for chairs that are easy to open and close, but also don't pose an obstruction to guests walking around them. Especially if it's going to be a crowded party, you'll need to consider navigation and safety. Also, keep in mind that kids might be inclined to stand on the chairs, move them around or otherwise have their way with them, meaning you need to make sure little fingers aren't in danger of being pinched.

6. Let The Linens Follow Your Party Theme Or Color Scheme

Most rental outlets can offer you a fairly decent selection of linens to coordinate with your table presentation, but since you likely have a lot to do, keep the selection simple. Find a color that coordinates with your overall theme and/or scheme and avoid complicated patterns that will clash with plating, flowers or other decor. Also, depending on the occasion and who will be coming, you might want to include the color/theme information on your invitations, preventing your most fashionable guests from drastically mismatching their outfits with your selections.

7. Have Someone Take Actual Inventory Of The Arriving Rental Items

Even the most meticulous of planners, including the rental agents themselves, are capable of making mistakes. Have a list of all the items you're expecting and when the delivery vehicle arrives, assign someone to inspect everything that's actually delivered, documenting it, too. This should avoid discrepancies, as well as ensure that all the items are returned to the company after the event is over. With all the hustle and bustle of a party, you might not have any idea of each and every item unloaded from the vehicle and you don't want to be liable for replacing anything.

Leave nothing to chance with your party planning and you'll be the toast of the town, creating wonderful memories, helping others celebrate milestones and achievements, as well as showing every guest how it's done - perfectly! Don't forget to fit some fun into the day for yourself, too, and reap the rewards of all your hard work.