Baby Shower Ideas: Cute Decorations And Fun Games You Should Try

6 September 2017
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Is your best friend having a baby? You may want to throw a beautiful baby shower for her. It's important to plan things out in advance to ensure the event is nothing short of amazing and special for someone who means so much to you.

Get Beautiful Balloon Columns Made For the Event

Whether you're renting out a hall or having the baby shower in the backyard, you might want to contact a balloon column company to see what they can create for the baby shower. The company knows how to carefully construct balloons to look like decorative columns that you could place by the front doors. You might even want the columns to come with an arch so that people can stand underneath the balloons and take pictures during the baby shower.

Before you have these balloon columns custom-made for the event, pick out colors to go with your baby shower theme. You may want to use shades of pink and purple if she's having a girl and assorted shades of blue if she's having a boy. Even if no one knows the sex of the baby, you can still choose from a bunch of gender-neutral colors.

Aside from the columns, you may want to ask the company if they can provide letter balloons to spell out different names or phrases. You could have balloons delivered to the event that spells out the name of the baby or the word "baby" itself.

Come Up With Fun Games to Play

If you want to do more than just watch the mom-to-be open up gifts for the baby, it's a good idea to plan out some fun games for all the guests to play. These games could make the baby shower even more entertaining and exciting for all who attend.

You could have jars of baby food placed on a table without the label and ask guests to give each bottle a taste test. The person who guesses all or most of the flavors correctly could win a prize. You could play a game of baby bingo where the winner gets a prize as well. And, you might even want to set dozens of diapers into a box, asking guests to write something silly or inspiring on the front.

The parents-to-be would have a nice laugh while changing their little one's diaper and seeing the messages that were written out for them during the shower. Get creative with the games and have a good time. After all, the shower is all about celebrating the mom-to-be and her unborn baby.

If you want to throw an awesome shower, consider decorating with balloon columns. They're affordable and they'll look great at an indoor or outdoor event. Make sure you have some games ready for the guests to play, too. The games will keep everyone entertained for a long time.

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