Tips For Renting Chairs For Your Next Event Or Gathering

9 September 2017
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If you are needing to make arrangements for a large event or gathering, it will be necessary for you to obtain enough chairs so that each guest will be able to comfortably sit. When you are in the first phases of renting these chairs, there are several ideas that you may want to include in your planning process so that your experience renting chairs goes without complications.

Opt For Padded Or Upholstered Chairs

The cost of renting chairs is one expense that almost everyone will want to minimize for their event. However, it is important to be aware of the problems that can follow if you simply opt to use the most affordable chair option. In particular, these will often be very bare chairs, which can prove to be uncomfortable after sitting in them for more than a few minutes. By paying a small amount more, you will be able to opt for padded or upholstered chairs, and these seats will be far more comfortable than the other options that you may be considering.

Be Prepared To Provide The Chair Rental Service With Your Guest Count And The Size Of The Venue

It can be common for those that are tasked with organizing these events to be unsure of the number of chairs that they will require for their event. In addition to the guest count, there may also be other individuals that arrive or your event may be open to anyone. When you first speak with the rental chair service, you should be prepared to give them an estimate of the number of guests for the event as well as the square footage of the seating area. These two pieces of information can be critical for allowing the service to help you estimate the number of chairs that you will be needing for your event.

Use A Rental Service That Offers Setup Services For Your Chairs

Depending on the number of chairs that you will be renting for your event, it can be easy for setting up these chairs to take many hours or longer. In addition to being extremely tiring labor, this can also take your time away from more important aspects of arranging your event. You can mitigate these inconveniences through the use of a rental service that will provide you with setup services. Several hours before your event, these providers will arrive at your venue so that they can set up the chairs for you. To help these professionals complete this step as effectively as possible, you should be able to show them the areas where the chairs will be located as well as the number of chairs per row and the total number of rows. Contact a rental company, like B & T Rents, for more help.