Halloween Pumpkin Patch Activities For Kids

12 September 2017
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In 2016 more than 45% of Americans surveyed carved a pumpkin, according to National Retail Federation statistics. If you're one of the many who can't wait to get your hands on one of those little orange globes, it's likely that you'll head out to a Halloween pumpkin patch. Of course, pumpkin patches are much more than places to pick up something to carve. They're part of the Halloween festivities too.

Instead of treating pumpkin picking like a trip to the grocery store, turn it into an awesome adventure for the kids. How? Take a look at a few fun-filled ways to magically transform your day at the pumpkin patch. 

Play "Eye Spy"

Pumpkins are kind of like people — they're all individuals. You'll find small pumpkins, tall ones, wide ones, and pumpkins that are kind of oblong. When you get to the patch, scan the bounty for a noticeable subject. This might be the largest pumpkin out there, one that's a slightly different color or a pumpkin that has an extra-long stem.

When you've picked a pumpkin (mentally, not physically) say, "I spy with my little eye…", filling in the last part with a description of the pumpkin. Your kids need to search the piles of pumpkins to find the one that you've picked.

Jack O' Lantern Needs

What are you looking for in a pumpkin? Before going to the patch, ask your kids to make drawings of what the finished Jack O' Lantern will look like. Point out the shape and size of the pumpkin in their drawings. It's likely that they'll need an 'in real life' pumpkin that looks the same. That is, if they want to carve it to their drawing's specifics.

Bring the pictures along to the Halloween pumpkin patch. Look for pumpkins that match up to the drawings. Think of this as an artsy, imaginative shopping list for your pumpkin search.

Counting the Pumpkins

How many pumpkins are there in the pumpkin patch? Chances are that your child won't be able to count each and every pumpkin. But they can try to count as many as possible. This is an easy way to keep younger kids entertained and busy during pumpkin picking activities. Start counting at one side of the patch and help your child to see just how many possible Jack O' Lanterns are there.

Before taking a family trek to the Halloween pumpkin patch, plan out your day. Along with deciding how many pumpkins you need, keep one or two of these easy activities in mind. You'll up the fun factor and make the experience even more memorable for your kiddos.