Learn What Things To Take Into Consideration When Renting A Party Space For Your Family Reunion

26 January 2018
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Family reunions can be a great way to get the family around one another to share memories and enjoy time together. Most people do not have enough room at their house to be able to throw a family reunion there comfortably. There are family event centers available that have party spaces available for rent for you to use for your family reunion though. The following guide walks you through a few things to discuss with the manager of the event center to ensure that you know everything you end to know about renting the party space.

Determine How Long You Can Rent the Space for

When you rent a party space, it is only for a specific amount of time. Most event centers have varying amounts of time available for people to rent the space for. You need to be sure that you account for the time you need to set up for the reunion and the time you need in order to get everything cleaned up when it is over.

Determine If Outside Food Can Be Brought Into the Building

At most family reunions, people bring food for everyone to eat. You need to be sure that the event center allows people to bring food in from outside for the party to enjoy. Some centers only allow catered food to be brought into the building. You need to find out what the event center allows ahead of time so that you can know if you need to book a caterer or simply have everyone bring a pot luck of food for people to enjoy.

Determine If Music Can Be Played in the Party Space

Part of the fun that comes during a family reunion is being able to let loose with your loved ones. Many families enjoy singing and dancing together. You need to ask if the event center allows music to be played in the party space. If they do, you will need to bring your own music equipment to play the music because they will more than likely not allow you to use their speakers or music equipment.

When you book a party space like Play and Spin, be sure to let everyone know the rules that the manager of the event center tells you. Let people know where designated smoking areas are located on the property and if alcoholic beverages are prohibited or not. This ensures that no issues arise on the day of the reunion.