Games To Play During An Inflatable Obstacle Course Event

13 April 2018
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An inflatable obstacle course that includes a maze, slide, and hurdles will be a hit at your child's next birthday party. Make each venture through the obstacle course more exciting by incorporating the following ideas during the party. 

Provide A Time Limit And Use A Stopwatch

Designate an amount of time for your child and their guests to successfully make their way through the obstacle course. Tell everyone that if they succeed at this task that they will be eligible to be entered into a prize drawing. If you have already purchased prizes for your child's party, wrap each of them and place them in a bin so that you can entice everyone by providing them with a sneak peek of the bounty that they are competing for.

Use a stopwatch to count down the time allotted. At various intervals, use a megaphone to amplify your voice. Yell the amount of time remaining through the megaphone so that everyone will be aware of how well they are doing and can pick up the pace if they are running low on time.

Pair Up Guests And Blindfold One Of Each Pair

Request that your child and their guests gather together. Randomly pair up the guests and blindfold one member of each pair. Tell everyone that the next activity is going to involve successfully leading blindfolded partners through the course.

Stress the importance of teamwork and let everyone know that the event will not be timed so that teams can take their time and safely make their way through the course. After all of the teams have succeeded, blindfold the opposite member on each team and encourage the teams to navigate the course again. 

Add Hidden Treasures To The Course

Hidden treasures will provide everyone with incentive during the obstacle event. Purchase gift certificates or small games and hide them in various parts of the obstacle course. Make sure that each hiding space is not in view and that items are not placed in areas that will cause anyone to trip and injure themselves.

Prior to the event, let everyone know how many items are hidden. Ask your child and their guests to yell out when they have found something so that you can keep track of how many hidden items are remaining in the course. After all of the hidden items have been found, count up the items to determine who has found the most and award this individual with a trophy or larger prize.