Have A Large Wedding Venue? Tame It With These 6 Cozy Decorating Tricks

3 May 2018
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For a more romantic wedding reception feeling, create intimacy in any venue space. Here are 6 creative ways to do so.

Install Greenery. Use large greenery items like trees to move the 'walls' inward toward guests. Large container pots with bushes, large plants, or dwarf trees can form aisles to break up the space into manageable chunks or create zones for guests to move about.

Pull Items Inward. Don't feel obligated to use the entire area of a large venue. Instead of spreading out tables evenly, consider clustering them more toward the center or front and leaving room for foot traffic along the outside. Include walkways between zones, such as around the dance floor or food stations, to provide both ease of use and a more intimate zone. 

Use Lighting. Many romantic lighting options exist that can alter your room's mood. Lanterns and candles add a soft glow and focus attention on close objects rather than the size of the venue. Colored uplighting along the walls counters the effect of large, neutral wall colors to make the room feel smaller and more cozy. 

Alter Seating. Mix up the seating rather than leaving it all the same and creating a 'sea' of chairs and tables. Try adding lounge seating in small groupings of love seats, armchairs, coffee tables, and floor lamps. You could also use a mix of table shapes, such as square, round, and rectangle, to break up the space and draw guests eyes downward. 

Use Large Centerpieces. Decorate with size so that things not only take up more space but also fit the space better. Large centerpieces are an easy way to do this. Look for things like tall topiary style flowers or striking candelabras. You can also opt for larger individual flower styles for an easier fix. 

Lower the Ceiling. No, you probably can't actually lower a tall ceiling. But you can make it appear lower by hanging certain things from it. Rent a pipe framework and drapery to lay across it, for example. The result is the appearance of a much lower ceiling height and some added drama. Or go for something simpler by hanging flowers, Chinese lanterns, or candles in glass globes above the guests to draw eyes downward. 

No matter whether you find that one, two, or all of these ideas fits the needs of your wedding venue, you're sure to enjoy the warm and romantic atmosphere that you've created. Contact a venue, like The Manoa Grand Ballroom, for more help.