Create A Makeshift Circus For Your Child's Birthday Celebration

17 June 2018
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A makeshift circus that includes a clown, costumed animals, snacks, and soft drinks will surely put a smile on your child's face during their birthday celebration. A rental tent and some creativity are all you need to plan an event that will be memorable for your youngster and their friends. 

Rent A Tent, Tables, And Chairs

Think about how many activities you would like to include in the circus. If you want it to be a true rendition of a real circus, consider setting up several rings so that multiple acts can be performed at once. Write a list of the events that you are going to include, and keep in mind that you will need to set up a dining and viewing area next to the section where performances are taking place.

The plans that you write down will assist you with selecting a rental tent from an event company like Best  Price Tents that will be large enough for the circus. A party supplier may also have tables and chairs that are for rent, allowing you to acquire the main components of the circus in one location. 

Get Your Acts Lined Up

After ordering the tent and furnishings, focus on the circus acts. The acts are the most important part of the circus, so lining them up well in advance is a must.

You can partake in the festivities by performing a dancing routine, a vocalist act, or a special talent that you possess. Family members can also get in on the fun by volunteering to perform in the circus. It doesn't really matter if any of you are actually talented.

The main objective is to make your child and their friends smile and laugh, and you will surely succeed at this goal if everyone puts in their best effort. Assign someone to dress up like a clown and purchase animal costumes for a couple people to wear. For example, individuals who are dressed up like dogs can jump through hoops or over hurdles as their part of their act. 

Purchase Equipment And Supplies

Hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, and cotton candy are some food items that are traditionally served at a circus. Purchase some equipment to assist with preparing foods and set the equipment up underneath the portion of the tent that contains the dining and viewing area. During the live event, ask the children what they would like to eat. After preparing the food items, serve them and beverages to the children.