Are You Hosting A Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Party?

28 July 2018
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Are you planning a fiftieth wedding anniversary party for your parents? Perhaps the party is in honor of close friends, or even for your grandparents. Or, you could be throwing a party yourselves, just to celebrate your life together. No matter the circumstances that you are hosting a fiftieth wedding anniversary party, from arranging for event tent rentals to planning the decorations, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something that you and your guests will enjoy and remember. 

Rent Event Tents - Have you decided to have the anniversary party outside? If so, think about planning ahead, in case inclement weather surprises you. Consider renting at least two event tents. One of the event tents could be set up for dining purposes. The other event tent would be very useful for the caterers to set up their preparation trays and other equipment that will be used for the meal.

If you do decide to rent an event tent, consider renting a lovely white one. By doing so, you will be adding an element of elegance to the reception. Even though the tent the caterers will be using doesn't need to be elegant, think about choosing one that complements the event tent that is reserved for seating. The great part about event tent rentals is that they are more than likely more affordable than you thought they would be.

When you make arrangements for the tent rental, think about writing down dates, times and other pertinent information so that there won't be disappointments later on. Consider having one central person at the rental place that you can call with additional information, questions or concerns.

The Decorations - Think of decorating the event tent just as you would decorate your own living room and dining room. The difference is that you'll more than likely be using white as the principal color. Think about selecting a complementary color to add interest to the white decor that you use. For example, if you are hosting a wedding reception, consider using the colors the bride has chosen for the bridesmaid's dresses along with white in flower arrangements that will serve as table centerpieces.

Think of using a lot of photographs along with floral centerpieces. For example, collect pictures of the bride and groom from the time they were little kids until the present time, including their engagement pictures. Place them in elegant frames and use them in your centerpiece arrangements.