3 Reasons To Rent Your Own Audiovisual Equipment For Your Wedding

23 April 2019
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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable occasions in your life. Make sure that everything goes as planned by renting your own audiovisual equipment. Though some venues supply their own equipment, there are multiple advantages to renting your own items. Check out a few benefits of renting equipment for your big day. 

1. You'll Have More Options to Choose From

One of the downsides associated with using your venue's equipment is that you will likely have limited or no options to choose from. Most venues usually only have one set of equipment that they use for all of their events. If they have multiple locales that can be rented on the same day, they might have a few audiovisual sets to select from, assuming that you're one of the first couples to book their venue and pick their equipment.

A standard set of equipment isn't a bad thing, but it simply might not include the best items for your event. You might be stuck with a set that only has one microphone that you have to pass around, or you may have to deal with unsightly wires.

2. It's Possible to Adapt the Equipment Specifically to Your Needs

When you rent your own equipment for your audiovisual needs, you get to choose exactly what items you want for your big day. This ensures the equipment is a perfect fit for the unique needs of your wedding day. Perhaps you prefer wireless microphones, or maybe you want to have multiple microphones so that there is one in each section of the room.

You can customize your package to include the pieces that you prefer and exclude any items that you don't need. Unnecessary equipment may get in the way of your festivities, and it's another item that you'll have to move when setting or resetting the room. 

3. You'll Have a Dedicated Individual to Troubleshoot Equipment Problems

The company that provides your equipment will set it up before your event and make sure that everything is working correctly. Should something go haywire during your event, you'll have access to a specialist who can troubleshoot your issue so that your wedding day remains on track. This includes providing replacement equipment or examining connections if something comes unplugged.

If you stick with the venue's equipment, you'll have few options if something stops working during the event. Your venue coordinator may be able to fix the problem, or they might be unsure as to what needs to be done to remedy the issue. Reach out to a company that offers audiovisual equipment rental services to learn more.