Plan For An Outdoor Reception

20 August 2020
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The amount of space that is available, the type of surface that the party will be held on, and the specific setup that you wish to incorporate will have a bearing on what type of rental tent you should seek. If your reception is being held outdoors and the occasion is going to be accommodating a large gathering of people, create a written overview of the proposed party. Afterward, contact a tent rental associate for further assistance.

A Tent That Needs To Be Staked

A pole or tension tent is one that needs to be staked into the ground. Rope or twine that is secured to the bottom edges of the fabric will be pulled outward, to provide plenty of tension and to give a tent its symbolic shape. If your reception is being held on a residential plot or a rented lot, pick a grassy surface where a tent can be erected.

There will need to be plenty of space around the tent so that it can be set up properly. This means that if you are going to set up portable restrooms and outdoor decorations, you will need a rather large expanse of property, to be able to fit everything. 

Freestanding Tent Models

Each tent size is used to accommodate a number of people, but if a large tent won't fit adequately on your property, you still have some other choices. You can either choose a frame tent or a clearspan tent, or a combination of the two. With either of these tent styles, poles will be omitted and a tent will rely upon its corner posts, as a means of support.

One of the benefits of using a frame tent or a clearspan tent is that you will not need to contend with rope or twine, stakes, or inner poles. As a result, you will be able to utilize every square inch of space that each tent provides. Since your guest list is going to be extensive, you can also choose two freestanding tents and set them up side by side, so that you will have plenty of room for your guests.

Your Proposal

You may have a catered meal, head table, bar, dance area, and dining area in mind, but are you sure how you would like to arrange all of these items? With a tent rental associate's assistance, you can gauge how to utilize your rental tent and you will be directed toward reserving a specific type or size.

Seek rental equipment and furnishings, if you do not have access to these items and would like to acquire everything in one transaction. After the tent/tents have been erected, begin setting up the inside area where your guests will be spending their time.

For more help, reach out to a local tent rental service.