5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Ballroom Tours

6 January 2022
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Many couples planning their wedding can only visit their ballroom venue options once before they must start committing and weeding out spaces. How can you make the most of your tour of every venue? Here are a few valuable tips to put into practice as you get ready to tour. 

1. Bring a Friend. Try to avoid touring venues on your own. While you and your fiancé are the most important persons in this process, it's hard to remember and assess everything when you're by yourself. If your fiancé can't come — or often even if they can — bring along a close friend to provide another set of eyes and ears. However, avoid having a huge entourage that could distract you. 

2. Bring a List of Questions. Sit down with your fiancé, planner, and helpers to make a list of questions that need to be asked of each venue. Putting these in writing — even the obvious questions — ensures you don't forget important points in the thrill of the moment. And using the same list helps you compare and contrast ballrooms. 

3. Take Photos and Video. With the advent of cell phones, couples can now make useful records of potential venues. Make use of your phones and your helpers' phones throughout the tour. However, don't limit yourself to either photos or video. Both have their value when you need to make specific decisions later on. Assign your helper to capture one media while you focus on the other. 

4. Take Notes. No matter how detailed your conversations and photos are, neither takes the place of good old-fashioned note-taking. Bring a notepad and pen or an electronic device and write down everything from measurements and numbers to your own thoughts about specific details.

5. Go Back Alone. Once your tour with venue staff wraps up, take time to go back through the location alone or as a couple. This isn't a fact-finding mission. Instead, it's an opportunity to see how you feel about the venue beyond the facts and figures. With no one to distract you or to impress their opinion, you can focus on how this space speaks to you. Don't overlook the value of your gut feeling. 

Ready to start preparing for your wedding ballroom tours? No matter how many you will visit or what your wedding day goals are, maximizing your time in each venue will ensure the best possible choice and memories to last a lifetime. Make an appointment today to get started. 

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