Backyard Wedding? 5 Problems Rented Linens May Help Solve

21 September 2022
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Are you planning a backyard wedding? Nuptials at home are a great way to save money and simplify wedding planning. But backyard weddings may not always provide exactly the look and feel that you get from a more formal, dedicated venue. 

One simple thing that can help? The right table linens. How? Here are five ways that rented linens can help you meet your wedding day challenges. 

1. Cover Mismatched Items. If you use tables and chairs from home, you may not have a well-matched set. Most people don't have dozens of matching chairs or identical tables to create a unified look. Tablecloths, napkins, runners, and chair covers all cover the sins of the furniture underneath and create a cohesive look for everything from dining tables to the DJ table.

2. Add Theme and Color. Decorating the backyard in the colors, period, and decor you want isn't always easy. The landscape, after all, isn't generally designed to serve as a wedding venue. But colored linens and specialty fabrics go a long way toward building those themes. They offer a big bang for your rental buck, as it were. 

3. Protect Your Stuff. Worried about using your home furnishings in case something happens to them? Protect them from spills, bored children, debris, and other mishaps by covering them with high-quality linens. While most people use wedding linens solely for their appearance, don't overlook the practical value they provide. 

4. Hide Unwanted Elements. Use fabrics creatively to help hide unsightly elements in the yard. Fabrics are large swaths of color or patterns and therefore can hide things like withered bushes, a leftover tree stump, your chipped or stained concrete, or even the garden equipment you can't find another home for. 

5. Add Formality. If you worry that your yard isn't able to craft the formal, elegant atmosphere you want, linens are the answer. Formal linens, combined with elegant place settings, elevate the outdoor meal to a formal affair—even when it's done on your grass or under a tent. 

Where to Start

What problems could linens help you solve when preparing for your home wedding? Whether you need practical help, something to boost the ambiance, or a way to bring elegance to a simple affair, the right linens and fabrics could be just what you need. Start by learning more about options available in your area. Tour the inventory at an event rental service near you today. 

For more information, contact a linen rental service near you.