School Occasions Made Easier With A Catering Team

31 March 2023
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Planning special school occasions like graduations, proms, and homecoming celebrations can be stressful. Not only do you have to worry about the decorations, but you also have to consider what food items to serve your guests. Here's where a catering team comes in handy. They can help you plan every detail of the meal so it's perfect for the occasion. 

Take a look at some of the special meals they can provide.

Breakfast Spreads

Breakfast spreads are a great way to make those special occasions stand out. Whether it's a reunion, holiday, or just an extra-special day, providing a delicious and nutritious breakfast spread can be the perfect way to start off the event on the right foot. And your catering team can help make that happen.

A well-prepared and visually pleasing breakfast spread is sure to impress any guest. From warm croissants to hearty omelets, savory bacon and sausage, and nutritionally balanced eggs with vegetables, there are plenty of delectable dishes for everyone. Other items like yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit and smoothie bowls, mini muffins, and oatmeal are also sure to please.

Depending on your budget and the number of guests, you can also add items like granola bars, cold brew coffee, tea, and juices. These items can be a great way to give your guests energy and help them start their day in style.

Lunch Meals

Lunch meals can be the perfect way to show your appreciation and support for students during special school occasions such as graduations or homecoming celebrations. Catering services are available to help you prepare the perfect lunch that is both delicious and nutritious.

A delicious and healthy lunch should include various food options and cater to dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free choices. Also, provide enough of each item so everyone will have plenty to eat. Consider meal prepping with your catering team to ensure freshness when served.

The presentation of the meal is key — make sure plates are decorated nicely with fruits and veggies, as well as herbs like basil or chives for an added touch. Serving in individual portions could also be a great way to make the meal unique and special. It also allows for precise portions and less wastefulness than traditional buffets. 

Offer drinks that match the occasion, such as water infused with cucumber or lemon slices and fruit juice beverages, to end the meal on a refreshing note.

Contact a school lunches catering service for more information.