Tips For Planning A Micro-Sized Corporate Event

24 July 2023
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When it comes to corporate events, people often think about large-scale events that host thousands of people. However, corporate events can also be executed on a much smaller scale. As you might imagine, producing a corporate event of this size does come along with different parameters than that of something of a larger size. If you have a smaller gathering that you want to host for your business, here are some tips to get you started.

Venue Selection

Identifying the right venue for a micro-sized corporate event is very important. Given that the event will only be attended by a small group of people, it is highly likely that intimacy and the opportunity for close exchanges are important. For example, an event space with an open concept versus a room with separate closed-off spaces would be better. You want to start your search early to secure a space that can accommodate these goals. 

Budget Constraints

Another assumption that can be made when planning a corporate event on a smaller scale is the need for tighter budget constraints. Typically, businesses allocate funds for events based on their size, so given the scope of this event, it is likely incredibly important to stay within a budget. While proper planning is key to achieving this goal, working with a production company can also help with this step. 

Theme Designation

Given that you will likely have a smaller space to host the event due to the fewer number of attendees, it is important that you work to wow your attendees. One way to go about this goal is to designate a theme for the event and stick with it. For example, one idea is to create a field day theme for a company's team-building summit for managers. Creating a theme and sticking to it will make the event more appealing and exciting overall. 

Detailed Itinerary

When it comes to large events, a tight itinerary is often important to help maintain and manage the crowd. Yet, it is equally important for smaller events. Particularly when the number of attendees is limited, it is essential to keep everyone focused and engaged. Having a clear plan for the events of the day and what is to come can keep everyone more engaged and involved, which makes the overall event more productive. 

To ensure your event goes as planned with as few issues as possible, partner with a corporate event producing firm for assistance.