Games To Play During An Inflatable Obstacle Course Event

13 April 2018
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An inflatable obstacle course that includes a maze, slide, and hurdles will be a hit at your child's next birthday party. Make each venture through the obstacle course more exciting by incorporating the following ideas during the party.  Provide A Time Limit And Use A Stopwatch Designate an amount of time for your child and their guests to successfully make their way through the obstacle course. Tell everyone that if they succeed at this task that they will be eligible to be entered into a prize drawing. Read More 

Learn What Things To Take Into Consideration When Renting A Party Space For Your Family Reunion

26 January 2018
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Family reunions can be a great way to get the family around one another to share memories and enjoy time together. Most people do not have enough room at their house to be able to throw a family reunion there comfortably. There are family event centers available that have party spaces available for rent for you to use for your family reunion though. The following guide walks you through a few things to discuss with the manager of the event center to ensure that you know everything you end to know about renting the party space. Read More